High Alpine Pass Trekking
High Alpine Pass Trekking


‘a pure adventure crossing scenic high alpine passes with mind-blowing views and experience’


High Himalayan Passes & Traverse, one of the most fascinating adventures leads you to experience unforgettable moment during your high altitude trekking around scenic alpine passes of Himalayan Mountains.

This is a pure adventure and combination of cultural and scenic walks over high ridges and valley of Himalaya in the shade of array of snow capped peaks and within enchanting forested areas following the Yak and Yeti trails towards your highlight and destination.

Sherpa Climbers being a mountaineering company, besides climbing high peaks and mountains we are expert leading high altitude trekking over High Himalayan Passes & Traverse guided by expert guides providing you with memorable and exciting time in our wide range of High Himalayan Passes & Traverse programs.

Nepal blessed with world’s 14th highest 8,000 meters, where eight high mountains located within Nepal, providing high scenic passes crossing from one end to another with an adventure of a life time experience.

Our High Himalayan Passes & Traverse Trekking Adventure as follows from Far and Mid East towards Far and Mid-Western region of Nepal Himalaya:

01: Annapurna Circuit & Thorang-La pass Traverse (From Manang to Mustang areas)
02: Nar-Phu & Kang-La Pass (within high Manang valley involves two passes with Thorang-La)
03: Tilicho Lake & Mesokanto-La Pass (Crossing over high pass from Manang to Mustang areas)
04: Manaslu & Larke-La Pass Traverse (From Gorkha to High Manaslu ending at Manang areas)
05: Mt. Makalu & Sherpani Col Travers (Arun / Barun valley of Makalu region towards Everest)
06: Three High Passes of Everest (crossing over from one end to another with Gokyo Lake)
07: Gokyo & Tsho (Cho)-La Pass to Everest Base Camp.
08: Dhaulagiri Base Camp & French Pass Traverse (from Dhaulagiri areas to Mustang region)
09: Langtang Valley & Gosainkund / East Laurabina-La pass
10: Langtang Valley & Ganja-La Pass (from Langtang areas to Helambu region)
11: Rolwaling Valley & Tashi Labtsa Pass Traverse (From Rolwaling valley to Everest areas)
12: Upper Dolpo & Kang-La pass (another Kang-la pass within Dolpo areas)