the land of world’s highest and largest plateau with giant mountain range’

Tibet Himalaya, one of the largest countries in Asia which a Autominous state of Republic of China, with average altitude of 3,500 m to 4,000 meters high includes worlds three highest peaks Mt. Everest (North Col), Mt. Cho-Oyu and worlds last 14th highest Mt. Shisapangma.

Tibet Himalaya, a fascinating country with highest and largest tableland and a plateau on this planet earth, more than 60 percent of the country mainland is within a windswept arid and dry terrain, offering striking scenery of the country landscapes.

Tibet still retains its past glorious of culture and heritage with traditional colorful custom of Buddhism with Bon practice (ancient pre-Buddhism), truly an amazing to visit once in your lifetime on roof top of the world.

Tibet with important fabled cities Lhasa-Gyantse and Shigatse and beyond leads you to holy Mt. Kailash and sacred Manasarover Lake towards South West Tibet which touches the border of Nepal-Northern India as well with Pakistan and Myanmar towards east includes Bhutan also.